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National Dong Hwa University Chinese Language Center 2019 Chinese Calligraphy and Winter Solstice Celebration and Christmas Eve Gift Exchange

Chinese Language Center - National Dong Hwa University, held a couple of cultural activities in December, all for International students in campus. One of the activities aimed to gather together to celebrate Winter Solstice and at the same time experience Chinese calligraphy. On Christmas Eve, a Gift exchange and Christmas celebration took place at CLC. All the students who had the opportunity to join us had an unforgettable Christmas Eve by joining the games arranged for the participants.

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Multi-culture exchange between NDHU - Chinese Language Center and Zhong Zheng Elementary School

It was the first time that NDHU - Chinese Language Center work along with the school Zhongzheng Elementary School located in Hualien city. A local multi-culture exchange took place on the days december 18th and 21st by holding different activities on both days between International students and Zhong Zheng elementary school students. It was a total of 24 attendants, from 10 different countries, all of them as students of CLC - Seasonal Chinese language course. Among the countries represented: Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Italy, the United States, St. Vincent, St. Christopher and Nevis, Colombia, India. 12 elementary school students received CLC students with arms wide open and were the hosts for the 2-days activity. Among the 12 students, fourth, fifth and sixth grade participated together.

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